06.00 13.08.2022 regarding the Russian invasion

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Glory to Ukraine! The one hundred and seventy-first day of the Ukrainian nation’s heroic resistance to the Russian military invasion has begun. The enemy is concentrating its efforts on establishing full control over the territories of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, maintaining the temporarily captured areas of the Kherson region and parts of the Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, and Mykolaiv regions, creating favorable conditions for resuming the offensive in certain directions, as well as blocking Ukraine’s maritime communications in the Black Sea.

There are no major changes on the Volyn, Polis, and Siver directions. The enemy shelled the territory near Senkivka and Gremyach of the Chernihiv region and Basivka and Kindrativka of the Sumy region with barrel artillery. In the Kharkiv direction, the enemy continued to attack targets in the areas of Kharkiv, Udy, Dementiivka, Russki Tyshki, Cherkasski Tyshki, Velyki Prohody, Prudyanka, Protopopivka, Petrivka, Stary Saltiv, Verkhniy Saltiv, Mospanov and Korobochkine settlements in the Kharkiv direction. He carried out airstrikes near Stary Saltov and Mospanovoy.
In the Slavyansk direction, shelling was recorded near Dolyna, Brazhkivka, Nortsivka, Dibrivny, Mazanivka, and Bogorodychny. Enemy aircraft again operated near Zalyman. In the Kramatorsk direction, the enemy shelled the districts of Kramatorsk, Verkhnyokamyansk, and Hryhorivka with barrel and jet artillery. With offensive and assault actions, the enemy units tried to advance in the directions of the Lysychansky Refinery – Ivano-Daryivka and Mykolaivka – Vyimka. Fighting continues in the direction of Spirne – Ivano-Daryivka.
In the Bakhmut direction, enemy artillery and tanks hit the Chasovoy Yar, Berestovoy, Bakhmut, Bakhmutsky, Pereizny, Soledar, Spirnyi, Rozdolivka, Yakovlivka, Vershina and Zaytsevo areas. Airstrikes were recorded near Yakovlivka, Veselaya Dolyna, Zaitsevo, Bakhmut and Soledar. The enemy carried out assaults in the directions of Pokrovske – Bakhmut, Vidrodzhenye – Vershyn, Vuglehirska TPP – Zaitseve, had no success, withdrew. In the Avdiyiv direction, the occupiers fired from barrel and rocket artillery in the areas of Kurakhove, New York, Nevelske, Pervomaiske, Opytne, Maryinka, Vodyane, Krasnohorivka and Novobakhmutivka settlements. Assault aircraft hit near Maryinka.
The invaders waged offensive battles in the direction of Novoselivka Druga – Krasnohorivka and Spartak – Avdiivka, they were unsuccessful and were pushed back. Fighting continues on the Donetsk-Pisky and Novoselyvka-Olexandropil directions. On the Novopavlivskyi and Zaporizhzhya directions, the enemy shelled positions from barrel, jet artillery and tanks in the areas of Volodymyrivka, Pavlivka, Prechistivka, Vugledar, Bogoyavlenka, Novopil, Zaliznychne, Gulyaipilske, Olgivske, Shevchenko, Burlatske, Novosilka, Drozhnyanka, and Novodanilivka settlements. He carried out an airstrike in the Novosilka region.
In the direction of Storozhov – Novosilka, our soldiers successfully stopped the enemy offensive and pushed the invaders back. In the South Buz direction, the enemy fired tanks and artillery in the areas of Posad-Pokrovsky, Stepova Dolyna and another 27 settlements. The enemy tried to conduct an offensive battle in the direction of Sukhy Stavok – Lozovo, but was unsuccessful and retreated. Carried out airstrikes near Osokorivka and Andriivka.
He continued conducting aerial reconnaissance of the BpLA. Two sea-based cruise missile carriers are ready for use in the waters of the Black and Azov Seas. The threat of missile strikes on military facilities and critical infrastructure facilities on the territory of Ukraine remains. Do not ignore the signals of air alarms and trust only verified sources of information. Together we will win! Glory to Ukraine!