18.00 26.05.2022 regarding the Russian invasion

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Video (spokesman for the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Stupun) The ninety-second era of the Ukrainian people’s heroic confrontation with the Russian military invasion continues. The enemy does not stop conducting offensive operations in the Eastern Operational Zone and continues to launch missile and air strikes on infrastructure facilities in Ukraine. Tactical exercises of units of special operations forces, air forces and air defense forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus are underway in the Volyn and Polissya directions, in the Brest region.

In the northern direction, the enemy continues to carry out engineering equipment positions in the border areas of the Bryansk region. According to available information, in order to strengthen the protection of the Russian-Ukrainian border in this direction, the enemy is engaging units of the airborne troops of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. The enemy continues to fire mortars and artillery at the positions of the Defense Forces in the border areas of Sumy region.
The enemy did not conduct active offensive operations in the Slobozhansky direction. In the Kharkiv and Slavic areas, the enemy focuses its efforts on maintaining its positions and restraining the advance of our troops, shelling Ukrainian positions. In order to clarify the position of our troops, he conducted Orlan-10 UAV air reconnaissance. He carried out remote mining on the routes of possible deployment of units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. With the support of artillery, the enemy led the offensive in the direction of the village of Bogorodichne, had no success, retreated to the position he held earlier.
On the territory of Belgorod and Voronezh regions, the enemy continues to prepare reserves. Replenishes stocks in order to further resume the offensive. In the Donetsk direction, the enemy continues to shell units of our troops, launch missile strikes, conduct reconnaissance, increase air support, and regroup troops. Strengthens the group by moving reserve units. In the Lyman direction, the enemy focused its efforts on the fire damage of our units in the areas of Ozerny and south of the settlement of Lyman.
In the Severodonetsk direction, the enemy is advancing in the directions of the settlements of Severodonetsk and Borivske. It is not successful. In the direction of the settlement Ustynivka has partial success. In order to disrupt logistics and prevent the maneuver of our troops strikes on bridge crossings. In the Bakhmut direction, the Russian occupiers are conducting an offensive in the directions of the settlements of Komyshuvakha, Nirkove, Berestove and Belogorovka, have no success, suffered losses and withdrew. In the directions of Pokrovsky and Klinov the enemy has partial success, captured the settlement of Medna Ruda. Performs regrouping.
In the Avdiivka direction, the enemy tried to resume the offensive, but without success. The enemy did not conduct active hostilities in the Kurakhiv, Novopavliv, and Zaporizhzhya areas; In the Zaporizhzhya direction, the enemy group was additionally reinforced by a formed tank battalion on T-62 tanks.
The enemy did not conduct active hostilities in the South Bug area. He continues to fire on our troops and conducts air reconnaissance using UAVs. It was revealed that the engineering units of the occupiers were carrying out measures to mine the coast of the Kakhovka Reservoir. In the Bessarabian direction, in the Transnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova, the level of terrorist threat has been reduced. At the same time, the personnel of the operational group of Russian troops in the region continues to serve in an enhanced mode.
The occupying power continues the measures of the administrative-police regime in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Obstruction of civilians to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities continues. In addition, the occupiers intensified the broadcasting of propaganda information materials through available and special means of television and radio broadcasting. Ukraine’s defense forces inflict losses on the enemy in all directions and are ready for any changes in the operational situation. Let’s win together! Glory to Ukraine!


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