06.00 07.05.2022 regarding the Russian invasion

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The seventy-third era of the heroic opposition of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion began. The enemy continues to conduct full-scale armed aggression against Ukraine. The enemy does not stop the offensive in the Eastern Operational Zone in order to establish full control over the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions and maintain the land corridor between these territories and the occupied Crimea.

The enemy did not take active action in the Polissya direction. In the course of checking the combat readiness of units that perform tasks to cover the border with Ukraine, covert rotation of these units is not excluded. The enemy did not take active action in the northern direction. Engineering and fortification equipment of positions and strips in the border areas of the Kursk region continues. In the Slobozhansky direction, the enemy continues artillery shelling of settlements near the city of Kharkiv.
In the Izyum direction he conducts air reconnaissance with the use of UAVs in order to clarify the positions of our troops. In the area of ​​the settlements of Tsyrkuny and Rusky Tyshky, the occupiers blew up three road bridges in order to slow down the counter-offensive actions of the Defense Forces. In the Donetsk and Tavriya directions, the enemy continues to carry out artillery shelling along the line of contact and uses operational and tactical aircraft to launch missile and bomb strikes on the positions of our troops.
In the city of Mariupol, the blockade of units of the Defense Forces in the Azovstal district continues. He carried out assault operations in order to take control of the plant. In the South Bug direction, the enemy inflicted fire damage using artillery on the positions of our troops. He fired at the civilian infrastructure of the city of Mykolayiv with rockets and multiple rocket launchers.
In the settlement of Ivano-Kepin, units of the defense forces destroyed a warehouse with ammunition and up to 20 units of enemy military equipment. In the temporarily occupied city of Kherson, the invaders are taking a number of measures to ensure the activities of the Russian occupation forces and support the Russian occupation regime. The number of checkpoints and mobile patrols has increased. During the previous day, fourteen Orlan-type UAVs were hit by Air Force and Land Forces air defense units. In the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, defenders of Ukraine repulsed eight enemy attacks, destroyed three tanks, eight artillery systems, seven units of armored combat vehicles, one car and three units of special enemy engineering equipment. We keep the system! We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Together to victory! Glory to Ukraine!