06.00 30.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion

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Operational information as of 06.00 30.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion. The thirty-fifth era of the heroic opposition of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion has begun. The enemy continues to conduct full-scale armed aggression against our state. Units of the 4th (Tskhinvali district, South Ossetia) and 7th (Abkhazia) military bases, which are part of the Southern Military District, were transferred from the occupied territories of Georgia to the territory of Ukraine in order to recruit the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

From the 4th military base, three BTGs with a total number of up to 1,200 Russian and Ossetian servicemen were formed and sent to Ukraine. Two units of the 7th Military Base were formed, which is about 800 people. In the temporarily occupied territories of Zaporizhia and Kherson oblasts, the enemy continues to commit illegal acts against the local population.
Thus, in the settlement of Velyka Bilozirka, units of the Russian occupiers were scattered throughout the settlement and placed equipment between residential buildings. In the city of Melitopol, the invaders on the outskirts of the city equipped checkpoints and strengthened the bypass regime.
The enemy continues to loot the homes and apartments of local residents, detain pro-Ukrainian activists and government officials in Ukraine. In the temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk region, the occupation authorities plan to hold another wave of mobilization from April 1 this year. It is possible that such efforts will be made in the recently occupied territories of the region.
According to available information, the armed forces of the Russian Federation continue to have problems with staffing units. Thus, servicemen of the 26th Panzer Regiment of the 47th Panzer Division, who signed contracts after their participation in the war with Ukraine, began to submit reports requesting to terminate the contract and send them to a permanent location for further service.
In the past 24hrs, the Allied forces have repulsed four attacks by the Russian occupiers in the Donetsk and Luhansk areas. Our soldiers destroyed 7 tanks, 7 armored units, 2 units of vehicles and an anti-tank gun. The enemy suffered casualties. Let’s win together! Glory to Ukraine!


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