” your TVchannel on the net ” creating the channel.

The WORLD needs my TV channel helping humanity create a sustainable WORLD.

MEDIA has a great responsaility in bringing correct information out to everybody in all kinds of situations the WORLD are in.

These last weeks thru the war in UKRAINE my digital concept COOLZTV ” we powerU “ and my  global network and MICROMEDIA.WORLD, has been and is the base to do this, and really seeing how this effects large media all over the WORLD and for me in NORWAY this conform socially dysfunctional country, trying to give the WORLD and impression of being this democracy over all democracies and really caring about people, they have been and are exposed for their lies and manipulation of both in NORWAY and the WORLD. My information   and position in NORWAY is something they have had to acknowledge and relate to, me making the difference and really bringing the truth out to the norwegian people and showing the WORLD Norways PRO RUSSIAN propaganda trying to excuse this RUSSIAN presidents war and he being a WAR CRIMINAL and TERRORIST. will grow and are growing by the minute and my base of knowledge and my production base powerU ” makes U empowerU “, and having worked on creating two of NORWAYS largest organization creating our WELFARESTATE NAV and one our largest food distributor, has given me an unbeatable knowledge base for creating my TV channel.

Doing everything myself, living in my STUDIO even sleeping in my greenscreen studio, has given me a base of how my TV channel really is living and being my digital content and how important this is ordinary people creating digital content.

I will really get out there in the coming months, and also build on my connections in UKRAINE and #WORLDsupportukraine, to really get my TV channel going

My concept is unbeatable, if you wanna know more or are interested in investing get in touch, you call me at +47 98 41 14 99.

Sivert Emil Skaarhaug 

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