NYHETER ” Russiske båter i norske havner “

Vi holder deg oppdatert på alt som skjer hverdager fra kl 10.oo til 14.oo LIVE og ellers se artikler og videoreportasjer.

We keep bringing info out there to the WORLD about what`s going on in UKRAINE and our fight against EVIL, and our creation of our SUSTAINABLE WORLD, where socially dysfunctional evil leaders have no place. The only way to make money in the coming years is to create sustainabel businesses and products and we have the key our digital product COOLZTV ” we powerU “ creating our MICROMEDIA.WORLD.

Join us  in the fight against EVIL #WORLDsupportukraine

JOIN us LIVE and let us know your opinion send sms to +47 98 41 14 99 code JOIN LIVE and I send YOU todays link in rendezvous in WIRECAST and you can go live from your desktop/laptop on my show thursday.

Søker du jobb eller har du jobb å tilby ta kontakt og vi matcher LIVE i våre sendinger  JOBBDIGITAL.NO 

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