” Let`s tear down THE WALL ! “

We managed to tear down the BERLIN WALL in 89, now the whole WORLD will be set free and THE WALL of FEAR will no longer stop LOVE!

My generation of musicians playing in our ROCK bands, everything was about destroying evil manipulative leaders spreading  fear and making wars. I have been fighting this fight for 50 years, and NOW WE ARE GONNA FINNISH THE JOB, AND AFTER TEARING DOWN THE BERLIN WALL IN 89 WE NOW ARE GONNA TEAR DOWN THE WALL STOPING FEAR AND BRINGIN OUT LOVE TO THE WHOLE WORLD.

T shirts in the house guys!!.. lets do this!!

Remember when PINK FLOYD released their album THE WALL back in 82, that was when we really started everything and in 89 the Berlin wall  fell!!..

So this is a message from #WORLDsupportukraine to all musicians let `s finish the job and tear down the wall of fear and bring the love out there to the whole world, by standing together with UKRAINE and VOLODOMYR ZELENSKYJ we will do that!!

Sivert Emil


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