18.00 24.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion

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Operational information as of 18.00 on 24.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion The twenty-ninth day of the heroic opposition of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion continues. Despite significant losses and demoralized personnel, the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation does not refuse to continue the war against Ukraine. The enemy continues to destroy the infrastructure of peaceful cities and villages of Ukraine, grossly violating the rules of warfare and neglecting to comply with the requirements of international humanitarian law.

According to the available information, the personnel of the armed forces of the Russian Federation are constantly engaged in propaganda work, which imposes the idea that the war should be completed by May 9, 2022. The vast majority of medical institutions in the Russian Federation in settlements near Ukraine are occupied by wounded servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces who took part in the war with Ukraine and had clashes with units of the Defense Forces.
As a matter of urgency, the enemy is taking measures to restore the combat capability of the air units of the airborne troops, which have suffered critical losses in both manpower and military equipment. Despite the active measures of the Federal Security Service, the Rosguard and information and psychological operations operating in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, the Russian occupiers face enormous difficulties in controlling the population in these territories. Attempts to establish a sham pro-Russian government among traitors and collaborators have no support from the local population.
In the unrecognized Transnistrian-Moldavian republic, Russian local curators are spreading rumors that Transnistria is involved in the war with Ukraine. In the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea, at the location of the 126th Separate Coast Guard Brigade, a farewell ceremony was held at the same time with about 100 dead members of the unit. Similar events were recently held at the Sevastopol Sailors’ Club, where they said goodbye to the Marines of the Black Sea Fleet who died in the war against Ukraine.
In the city of Dokuchaivsk, Donetsk region, the occupiers set up a filtration camp for civilians trying to leave Mariupol. The punitive bodies of the FSB of the Russian Federation carry out so-called filtering measures with the detained people. In the areas of the settlements of Kreminna and Rubizhne, the facts of forced evacuation of Ukrainian citizens by the occupiers and their deportation to the territory of Voronezh region were recorded.
In some settlements of the Chernihiv region, which are temporarily occupied by the occupying forces, there are facts of seizure of tractors from local farmers. Agricultural machinery is used to evacuate the occupied equipment of the occupiers. In the Kharkiv region, a battalion-tactical group from the 59th Tank Regiment of the Western Military District, operating in the direction of Kharkiv, came under fire from Ukrainian artillery. The consolidated unit suffered significant losses in manpower and equipment. Let’s win together! Glory to Ukraine!
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