WORLDsupportUKRIANE ” NOFLYZONENOW ” . WORLDSUPPORTUKRAINE ” NOFLYZONENOW ” Report from us at ” your TVchannel on the net ” we run the group WORLDsupportUKRAINE on Facebook and we are COOLZTV MEDIACENTER ” we powerU “. The fights in UKRAINE are personal to me, I joined these great young people back in 2013/14 and their fight on MAIDAN, and my whole digital commitement and the base of my digitale product COOLZTV ” we powerU ” and our MICROMEDIA.WORLD started then, sharing the livestreams these great young people and UKRAINETV had set up all over MAIDAN. My storie and life definds my commitment to helping the WORLD choose LOVE & TALENT in chaninging the WORLD to a SUSTAINABLE WORLD, where these great YOUNG PEOPLE have their future. I am really the ROCK GENERATION of the 70ies and 80ies, but I NEVER JOINED THE ESTABLISHMENT i just kept on fighting for LOVE and PEACE, and the TRUTH, and I AM NOT GONNA STOP NOW, now we will finish this, and destroy EVIL for ALL TIMES. I know what we are up against, I GREW UP WITH A DEVIL LIKE this president in RUSSIA and his ” friends “, I KNOW ALL ABOUT socially dysfunctional evil people like this, and what they do to people and their evil, I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THESE PEOPLE. Creating out MICROMEDIA.WORLD thru love and bringing your talent out to the world and helping you reaching a global market for your business, and connecting people thru mutual trust respect and honesty building unbreakable bonds and global nettworks, will destroy this EVIL for ever. We have been creating this WORLD for a long long time and this will destroy all evil for ever !! Keep watching and keep sharing, all important SoMe plattforms and media are with us and understand this fight!! Sivert Emil Skaarhaug Remember I am not anybody I created the NORWEGIAN welfarestate back in 2002 , I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING !!

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