This is how you fight fear and stay resilient!

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REMEMBER your biggest enemy in war is always FEAR and POWERLESSNES, fill your heart with love every minute and fight the FEAR and the way YOU break the feeling of powerlessness is to DO SOMETHING !!! It is always the way fill yourself with LOVE and do RESISTANCE and not be CATCHED IN POWERLESSNES and FEAR.
Remember I grew up with a psycopath like them starting this war , I have been in this “WAR ZONE” all of my life and fought against this evil and to take care of those I love and what I love and the love in myself to myself I HAVE ALREADY WON !!!!! JOIN ME and cultivate love. YOU WILL FIX THIS AND I WILL BE HERE AND HELP YOU AND YOU KNOW THAT I DELIVER AT ALL ARENAS I HAVE SHOWN THAT TO YOU ALL THRU MY LIFE.
EVIL and people who incite and manipulate have no opportunity to take control of ME and my love in myself and to the world, I have won LOVE forever REMEMBER THAT and you are invited into my love and my commitment to LOVE and spread this , this is what has happened in UKRAINE, young people who have WON THE LOVE of themselves and their future, so they have already won !!
And to all RUSSIAN young people we want you to JOIN OUR LOVE for the futere, and we love YOU TO !!!.. all you have to do is to CHOOSE LOVE and stop the killings and this war this war makes no sence, you have already filled your hearts with love I ´ve seen that the last 5 years, this is not your war !! Remember these people starting this war do not have the ability to feel love they are pure evil!.
UKRAINE is fighting EVIL and for our SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.
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