Norwegian foreignminister Anniken Huitfeldt invites TALIBAN to NORWAY. Holding the norwegian people hostage connecting their NORWAY to TALIBAN, exile Afghans and Norwegians are in furry, trying to stop this horrific act!!!

What is going on with NORWAY. For some years now I have been observing the Norwegian sociaty and the politicians and leaders way of communicating and staying in power.

FEAR is one of their strategies, leaders within the Norwegian welfarestate  has used fear and manipulative ways to use the Norwegain welfarestate as their tool to manipulate the whole nation, and implementing their policies.

We`ve experianced KONGSBERG, UTØYA, TRYGDESKANDALEN, and I myself who created the Norwegian walfare state base already back in 2002 working for the government for 14 years, was pushed out of my job by these criminal leaders running their fare regimes within NAV and the Norwegian welfare state. 

Friday the 21. january ANNIKEN HUITFELDT announced our foreignminister, that she had invited TALIBAN to Norway for official talks. This is creating fury within Norway and we all feel being used, by the government and abused by the Norwegian government by this, and as a employee of the Norwegian government over 14 years, this tells me that Norway support TERROR, and one of the world worst TERROREGIEMES, and use this to position themselves in NORWAY by this.

The Norwegian people wants the world to know this, we do not want to have anything to do with these killers and terrorists, and our country will not be connected to  this horrific act done by STØRE and his government and  ANNIKEN HUITFELDT his foreign minister.

Sivert Emil Skaarhaug ceo ” your TVchannel on the net “

Picture of TALIBAN from NRK.NO friday 21. jan

Anniken Huitfeldt Norwegian foreign minsiter
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